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Medicinal Research Reviews is a journal indexed in SJR in Drug Discovery and Pharmacology with an H index of 150. It has a price of 2750 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,864 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,864.

Medicinal Research Reviews focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: advances, targeting, receptor, binding, cancer, drug, diversify, discoverynew, discovery, developments, ...

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Medicinal Research Reviews


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Aims and Scope

advances, targeting, receptor, binding, cancer, drug, diversify, discoverynew, discovery, developments, future, gastroprokinetic, heteroalicycles, highaffinity, identificationstrategies, improve, inde, lead, development, design, deliveryrecent, analogs, antagonistsmedicinal, antiemetic, antituberculosis, approaches, cell, chemical, chemistry, classes, cns, current, delivery,

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Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

Claudiu T. Supuran Andrea Scozzafava Angela Casini
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Click chemistry reactions in medicinal chemistry: Applications of the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition between azides and alkynes

Gian Cesare Tron Tracey Pirali Richard A. Billington
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Flavonoids: Promising anticancer agents

Wenying Ren Zhenhua Qiao Hongwei Wang
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The art and practice of structure-based drug design: A molecular modeling perspective

Regine S. Bohacek Colin McMartin Wayne C. Guida
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Small Molecule Modulators of Keap1-Nrf2-ARE Pathway as Potential Preventive and Therapeutic Agents

Sadagopan Magesh Yu Chen Longqin Hu
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Tubulin as a target for anticancer drugs: Agents which interact with the mitotic spindle

Allan Jordan John A. Hadfield Nicholas J. Lawrence
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Antioxidant and other biological activities of phenols from olives and olive oil

Francesco Visioli Andrea Poli Claudio Gall
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Cyclopentenone prostaglandins: New insights on biological activities and cellular targets

Daniel S. Straus Christopher K. Glass
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Multicomponent domino reactions for the synthesis of biologically active natural products and drugs

Lutz F. Tietze Andrea Modi
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Comprehensive Review in Current Developments of Imidazole-Based Medicinal Chemistry

Ling Zhang Xin-Mei Peng Guri L. V. Damu
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New developments in the chemistry and biology of the bioactive constituents of tanshen

Xihong Wang Susan L. Morris-Natschke Kuo-Hsiung Lee
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Combining docking and molecular dynamic simulations in drug design

Hernán Alonso Andrey A. Bliznyuk Jill E. Gready
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Therapeutic actions of garlic constituents

Kailash C. Agarwal
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Anti-cancer properties of anthraquinones from rhubarb

Qing Huang Guodong Lu Han-Ming Shen
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Boronic acid compounds as potential pharmaceutical agents

Wenqian Yang Xingming Gao Binghe Wang
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New insights on the anticancer properties of dietary polyphenols

P. Fresco F. Borges C. Diniz
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Drugs that target dynamic microtubules: A new molecular perspective

Richard A. Stanton Kim M. Gernert James H. Nettles
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Recent progress in the development of coumarin derivatives as potent anti-HIV agents

Donglei Yu Madoka Suzuki Lan Xie
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Gold compounds as anticancer agents: chemistry, cellular pharmacology, and preclinical studies

Stefania Nobili Enrico Mini Ida Landini
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Bionanotechnology based on silica nanoparticles

Weihong Tan Kemin Wang Xiaoxiao He
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The thioredoxin system?From science to clinic

Stephan Gromer Sabine Urig Katja Becker
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Chemistry, biological activity, and chemotherapeutic potential of betulinic acid for the prevention and treatment of cancer and HIV infection

Robert H. Cichewicz Samir A. Kouzi
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The Keap1-Nrf2-ARE Pathway As a Potential Preventive and Therapeutic Target: An Update

Meng-Chen Lu Jian-Ai Ji Zheng-Yu Jiang
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Circulating MicroRNAs: a novel class of biomarkers to diagnose and monitor human cancers

Ke Zen Chen-Yu Zhang
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