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Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin is a journal indexed in SJR in Social Psychology with an H index of 185. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,082 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin


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"Commission, Omission, and Dissonance Reduction: Coping with Regret in the ""Monty Hall"" Problem"

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"Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...?"

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"Out of My League": A Real-World Test of the Matching Hypothesis

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All Our Troubles Seem So Far Away: Temporal Pattern to Accessible Alternatives and Retrospective Team Appraisals

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Are Leftists More Emotion-Driven Than Rightists? The Interactive Influence of Ideology and Emotions on Support for Policies

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Assimilation and Contrast in Persuasion

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Attitude Accessibility as a Function of Emotionality

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Attitudinal Ambivalence and Message-Based Persuasion: Motivated Processing of Proattitudinal Information and Avoidance of Counterattitudinal Information

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Attitudinal Ambivalence, Rumination, and Forgiveness of Partner Transgressions in Marriage

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Attractiveness, Self-Concept, and a Methodological Note about Gaze Behavior

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Changes in Self-Definition Impede Recovery From Rejection

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Cognitive Dissonance and Impression Management Explanations for Effort Justification

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Commitment Readiness and Relationship Formation

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Community Identification Moderating the Impact of Financial Incentives in a Natural Social Dilemma: Water Conservation

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Concentrating on Beauty: Sexual Selection and Sociospatial Memory

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Dialectical Self-Esteem and East-West Differences in Psychological Well-Being

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Direct and Indirect Intergroup Friendship Effects: Testing the Moderating Role of the Affective-Cognitive Bases of Prejudice

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Distance Matters: Physical Space and Social Impact

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Effects of Songs With Prosocial Lyrics on Prosocial Behavior: Further Evidence and a Mediating Mechanism

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Effects of the Activation of Affective Information on Stereotyping: When Sadness Increases Stereotype Use

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Eliciting Affect Using the International Affective Picture System: Trajectories through Evaluative Space

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Emotional Responses to Sexual and Emotional Infidelity: Constants and Differences Across Genders, Samples, and Methods

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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: Interpersonal and Individual Differences Determinants of Anger-Related Behaviors

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Expectations for Others' Outcomes: Do People Display Compassionate Bracing?

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