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The journal Behavior Research Methods publishes articles concerned with the methods, techniques, and instrumentation of research in experimental psychology. The journal focuses particularly on the use of computer technology in psychological research. An annual special issue is devoted to this field.Behavior Research Methods is a publication of the Psychonomic Society.Behavior Research Methods is committed to upholding principles of integrity in scientific publishing and practice. As a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the journal will follow COPE guidelines concerning procedures for handling potential acts of professional misconduct. Covers methods, techniques and instrumentation of research in experimental psychology Includes a particular focus on use of computer technology in psychological research A publication of the Psychonomic Society It has an SJR impact factor of 2,753.

Behavior Research Methods focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: persian, data, function, linear, speech, database, response, emotional, environmental, generation, ...

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Behavior Research Methods


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Aims and Scope

persian, data, function, linear, speech, database, response, emotional, environmental, generation, generalized, analysesmodality, facilitate, face, eyetracking, accuracy, experience, exclusivity, esda, apparatus, derivational, crossspecies, computerized, comparisons, cluster, change, centering, building, behavior, baseline, automated,

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