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Child Development focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: developmental, mental, research, development, cognitive, childrens, childhood, children, talk, child, ...

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Child Development


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developmental, mental, research, development, cognitive, childrens, childhood, children, talk, child, early, hindu, ethnic, health, issues, effects, middle, body, age, childrenparental, babys, NA

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A Longitudinal Study of Lexical Development in Children Learning Vietnamese and English

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A Monozygotic Twin Differences Study of Nonshared Environmental Influence on Adolescent Depressive Symptoms

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A Study of Children's Moral Judgments

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Acculturation, Substance Use, and Deviant Behavior: Examining Separation and Family Conflict as Mediators

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Acoustic Features and Auditory Perceptions of the Cries of Newborns with Prenatal and Perinatal Complications

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Adult Tactile Stimulation during Face-to-Face Interactions Modulates Five-Month-Olds' Affect and Attention

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Age Changes in the Detection of Deception

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Attractiveness of Lactating Females' Breast Odors to Neonates

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Behavioral Measurement of Remembering Phenomenologies: So Simple a Child Can Do It

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Bilingualism and Academic Achievement

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Bilingualism Narrows Socioeconomic Disparities in Executive Functions and Self-Regulatory Behaviors During Early Childhood: Evidence From the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study

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Biological and Cultural Diversity: The Legacy of Darwin for Development

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Can Parents and Teachers Provide a Reliable and Valid Report of Behavioral Inhibition?

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Category-Use Effects in Children

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Child and Adolescent Use of Mobile Phones: An Unparalleled Complex Developmental Phenomenon

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Childhood Roots of Adulthood Hostility: Family Factors as Predictors of Cognitive and Affective Hostility

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Children's Categorization and Evaluation of Different Types of Lies and Truths

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Children's Causal Explanations of Animate and Inanimate Motion

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Children's Group Nous: Understanding and Applying Peer Exclusion Within and Between Groups

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Children's Interpretation of Messages from a Speaker with a False Belief

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Children's Intrinsic Motivation to Provide Help Themselves After Accidentally Harming Others

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Children's Responses to Everyday Marital Conflict Tactics in the Home

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Children's Temperament and Behavior Problems Predict Their Employed Mothers' Work Functioning

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Cortisol Release in Infants in Response to Inoculation

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