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Cognition and Emotion is a journal indexed in SJR in Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous) and Experimental and Cognitive Psychology with an H index of 122. It has a price of 2395 €. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,573 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

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Cognition and Emotion


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Best articles

"Concepts of Emotion: ""Emotionness"", and Dimensional Ratings of Italian Emotion Words"

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A prototype analysis of the French category "emotion"

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A Test of Whether Negative Emotional Priming Facilitates Access to Latent Dysfunctional Attitudes

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Adaptive family functioning and emotion regulation capacities as predictors of college students' appraisals and emotion valence following conflict with their parents

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Affective and Identity Priming with Episodically Associated Stimuli

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Affective Intensity and Emotional Responses

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American-Japanese Cultural Differences in Judgements of Expression Intensity and Subjective Experience

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Anxiety and Mood-congruent Autobiographical Memory: A Conceptual Failure to Replicate

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Aspects of Meaning in Words Related to Happiness

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Attentional bias in dysphoria: The role of inhibitory processes

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Automatic stimulus-goal comparisons: Support from motivational affective priming studies

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Beyond positive or negative: variability in daily parent-adolescent interaction quality is associated with adolescent emotion dysregulation

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Book Review

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BRIEF REPORT Don't Wait for the Monsters to Get You: A Video Game Task to Manipulate Appraisals in Real Time

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Brief report Low positive affect and less extreme emotional encoding

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BRIEF REPORT Selective Processing and Fear of Spiders: Use of the Stroop Task to Assess Interference for Spider-related, Movement, and Disgust Information

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Brief Report- Adults' Freely Produced Emotion Labels for Babies' Spontaneous Facial Expressions

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BRIEF REPORT: Emotional Value of Information and its Relevance in the Interpretation of Homophones in Anxiety

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BRIEF REPORT: Intrusive Thoughts and Intrusive Memories in a Nonclinical Sample

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Changes in affect interrelations as a function of stressful events

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Children's and Adults' Attributions of Emotion to a Wrongdoer: The Influence of the Onlooker's Reaction

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Children's and Adults' Understanding of the Feeling Experience of Courage

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Components of working memory predict symptoms of distress

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Correction of Effects of Memory Valence and Emotionality on Content and Style of Judgements

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