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Euphytica is an international journal covering the theoretical and applied aspects of plant breeding, and publishing critical reviews and papers on original research. The journal reports on the growing field of research associated with the integration of modern and traditional plant breeding using transgenic crop plants and/or marker assisted breeding in combination with traditional breeding tools. The content addresses the interests of researchers involved in plant breeding at universities, breeding institutes, seed industries, plant biotech companies and industries using plant raw materials, and promoting stability and sustainability It has an SJR impact factor of 0,438.

Euphytica focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: breeding, selection, quinoa, morphological, markers, markerassisted, mapping, loci, isozyme, introduction, ...

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Aims and Scope

breeding, selection, quinoa, morphological, markers, markerassisted, mapping, loci, isozyme, introduction, mosaic, moschata, pepo, phenotypic, plant, populations, qtl, quantitative, resistance, improvement, implications, hybridization, classification, collection, conceptsmolecular, conservation, crop, cross, cucumber, cucurbita, characterization, diversity, dutch, ecuadorian, evaluation, f, garlic,

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