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Meat Science is a journal indexed in SJR in Food Science with an H index of 154. It has an SJR impact factor of 1,417 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It is published in English.

Meat Science focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: meat, transport, effect, time, rabbit, intensity, logistic, mode, implications, qualitygenetic, ...

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Categories: Food Science (Q1)

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Meat Science


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meat, transport, effect, time, rabbit, intensity, logistic, mode, implications, qualitygenetic, language, nostrano, pathogens, permanent, perspective, preslaughter, pressurefate, produced, properties, ham, functional, authentication, beef, binding, cancereffects, chain, colorectal, discriminant, dominance, drycured, effects, environmental, excitation, fluorescence, foodconsumer,

Best articles

Addition of lipase from Candida cylindracea to a traditional formulation of a dry fermented sausage

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Aldehyde reactivity with 2-thiobarbituric acid and TBARS in freeze-dried beef during accelerated storage

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Alteration of post-mortem ageing in beef by the addition of enzyme inhibitors and activators

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Analysis of raw meat to predict proteolysis in Parma ham

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Animal Welfare and Meat Science

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Antigenic specificity of monoclonal antibodies to beef myoglobin determined by cross-reactivity studies against myoglobins from domestic species

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Antioxidant effects of rosemary extract and whey powder on the oxidative stability of wiener sausages during 10 months frozen storage

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Biogenic amine accumulation in ripened sausages affected by the addition of sodium sulphite

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Characterization of traditional processing of pork meat into boucane

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Cholesterol oxides in processed chicken muscle as influenced by dietary a-tocopherol supplementation

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Chromatographic analysis of cadaverine to detect incipient spoilage in mutton

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Colour-stabilising effect of muscle vitamin E in minced beef stored in high oxygen packs

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Comparative study of metabolic differentiation of foetal muscle in normal and double-muscled cattle

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Comparative study of two classifications of muscle fibres: Consequences for the photometric determination of glycogen according to fibre type in red and white muscle of the pig

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Composition, storage stability and sensory properties of expanded extrudates from blends of corn starch and goat meat, lamb, mutton, spent fowl meat, or beef

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Effect of age at slaughter on chemical traits and sensory quality of Longissimus lumborum muscle in the rabbit

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Effect of calf feeding regimes and diet EDTA on physico-chemical characteristics of veal stored under modified atmospheres

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Effect of Chemical and Physical Dry-curing Parameters on Cathepsins B, H and L from Ostrich Muscle

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Effect of Dietary Supplementation with a-Tocopheryl Acetate on the Stability of Reformed and Restructured Low Nitrite Cured Turkey Products

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Effect of dietary vitamin E supplementation for one week before slaughter on drip, colour and lipid stability during display in Japanese Black steer beef

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Effect of different stocking densities during transport on welfare and meat quality in Danish slaughter pigs

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Effect of inoculation of mesophilic lactic acid bacteria on microbial and sensory changes of minced goat meat during storage under vacuum and subsequent aerobic storage

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Effect of lactococcus lactis var. lactis biovar diacetylactis on bacterial counts, pH and total acidity of minced goat meat during refrigerated storage

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Effect of meat ultimate pH on rate of titin and nebulin degradation

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